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Legal And Moral Considerations Around Unpaid Leave (Recording)

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to bite, companies – big and small – are looking at unpaid leave as a way of weathering the storm.

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As the impact of COVID-19 continues to bite in Asia and indeed across the globe, companies – big and small – are looking at unpaid leave as a way to mitigate costs while retaining staff during the worst of the viral outbreak. Now, in the latest HumanResources Online webinar series, in conjunction with Gall Hong Kong, we explore the legal and moral ramifications of companies in Hong Kong looking to impose their own unpaid leave measures. Employment lawyer Andrea Randall will present a succinct yet informative presentation on legal considerations for employers considering the unpaid leave option and answer your questions in real time.


Andrea Randall

Gall Hong Kong

Andrea is an Employment and Regulatory Lawyer advising on both Hong Kong and English law. Andrea has significant and extensive experience in high profile complex litigation, including multi-jurisdictional disputes. She undertakes all types of Employment Law work and advises on all aspects of the employment relationship including:


Webinar content:

  • Exactly what does the law allow an employer to unilaterally impose?
  • Can employers force employees to take unpaid/annual leave during this period when offices/stores/etc are closed?
  • What course of action can I take if an employee refuses to accept the unpaid leave option?
  • How much unpaid leave can I expect my employees to take?
  • Should I take a one-size-fits-all approach or should I make exceptions?
  • How much notice do employees need to take unpaid annual leave?
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Legal And Moral Considerations Around Unpaid Leave (Recording)

TIME 60 mins

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Looking forward to more insightful webinar sessions in the future!

-Financial Controller, Encore Inflight Limited

Thank you for the arrangement. The issues addressed in the Webinar session are interesting and helpful.

-Office Manager , GreySpark Partners

Thanks for hosting the webinar and share the legal perspectives on Unpaid Leave / Annual Leave arrangements during the pandemic. It is a useful and practical insight, appreciate it.

-People Director - APAC , Alpargatas Asia Limited

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